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# vim: fileencoding=utf-8:



.. _Swift for corporates:\
.. _Rabobank MT940:\

 - `Swift for corporates`_
 - `Rabobank MT940`_


    [] = optional
    ! = fixed length
    a = Text
    x = Alphanumeric, seems more like text actually. Can include special
        characters (slashes) and whitespace as well as letters and numbers
    d = Numeric separated by decimal (usually comma)
    c = Code list value
    n = Numeric

import os

import mt940

[docs]def parse(src, encoding=None, processors=None, tags=None): ''' Parses mt940 data and returns transactions object :param src: file handler to read, filename to read or raw data as string :return: Collection of transactions :rtype: Transactions ''' def safe_is_file(filename): try: return os.path.isfile(src) except ValueError: # pragma: no cover return False if hasattr(src, 'read'): # pragma: no branch data = elif safe_is_file(src): with open(src, 'rb') as fh: data = else: # pragma: no cover data = src if hasattr(data, 'decode'): # pragma: no branch exception = None encodings = [encoding, 'utf-8', 'cp852', 'iso8859-15', 'latin1'] for encoding in encodings: # pragma: no cover if not encoding: continue try: data = data.decode(encoding) break except UnicodeDecodeError as e: exception = e except UnicodeEncodeError: break else: raise exception # pragma: no cover transactions = mt940.models.Transactions(processors, tags) transactions.parse(data) return transactions